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Bluetooth Connection

Data Sharing

Highly Customizable


The KAATSU B2 is the second-generation KAATSU Bluetooth-enabled product that operates via your smartphone,without any connector tubes.

It is powered by an Android or iOS app and can be safely and conveniently utilized anywhere anytime.

You can also capture and share your usage data with your healthcare professionals, family, and friends.

  • Bluetooth enables you to share your usage data in real time on your B2 device, on your smartphone, and with the smartphone of friends and coaches.
  • The KAATSU Connect iOS and Android app is a free download from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.
  • Light, portable, and simple to use without any connector tubes that allows total freedom of movement.
  • Works without an Internet connection when you are out of Internet range.
  • Proprietary algorithms based on 28 years of research and clinical testing.
  • Tested safely and effectively with military and civilian users with Cycle, Progressive, Constant, Preset, Custom pressures.
  • Single-limb applications for amputees, paraplegics, injured, and disabled users.
  • Share data with your physician, therapist, coach, teammates, family, and friends.
What's Included
  • 2 KAATSU B2 controller units
  • 2 KAATSU Arm AirBands or Leg AirBands
  • Quick Start Guide 
  • Charger with USB-C cable
  • Black carrying case
  • Free KAATSU Connect smartphone app for iOS or Android
  • Free access to the KAATSU 101 online educational course

The warranty period for each Product begins on the date of shipment to the customer. For Product sold to a KAATSU customer the standard warranty period is one (1) year, or otherwise stated, on the electronic components and six (6) months on the AirBands.

KAATSU makes the following limited warranties during the warranty period: (a) the Products will function properly under normal use; (b) the Products will be free from defects in materials or workmanship; (c) the Products will conform to the published specifications; and (d) the Products will conform to any additional specifications agreed to in writing by the parties.

Returns Policy

Our returns policy expires 30 days after you receive your product and is subject to a 15% restocking fee. View our full Returns Policy here. Customers are responsible for credit card processing fees (2.6%) for cancelled orders.

Faster Recovery

”I first started using KAATSU after I discovered it could be used for recovery. I decided to give it a try for an ongoing tricep issue that I had. Within the first week, I noticed the cramping that I had in my tricep would completely stop after doing a KAATSU session. It also helped me recover much faster after workouts.“

Decreased Pain

“Absolutely incredible device that helped with my neuropathic pain and sciatica in my right leg ... Chronic pain that I was told I'd probably live with the rest of my life. After a single-leg KAATSU session, the pain dissipated for 3-5 hours ... No more drugs for me! Thank you KAATSU!”