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KAATSU's AirBands are uniquely designed to gently and progressively inflate and deflate around the upper portions of your arms or legs. This cutting-edge equipment is gentle enough not to impede the arterial blood flow from your torso to your limbs, while ensuring the elasticity of your vascular tissue progressively increases.

With KAATSU's patented Cycle and Constant modes at your disposal, a transformative training experience awaits you. Witness a tangible acceleration in your functional strength, marvel at the improved stamina, experience a surge in speed, and observe enhanced technical proficiency.


Our algorithms ensure that this cycle of compression and decompression is automated and consistent. The beauty of KAATSU is its adaptability. Whether you're stretching, listening to your coach, practicing drills, or perfecting your technique, KAATSU is there to enhance your performance.

Our unique design—an oval-shaped, narrow air bladder sewn into a stretchable, elastic neoprene band—allows for unimpeded blood flow into your limbs while slowing the venous flow from your limbs back to your torso. This creates a gentle pooling of blood that triggers beneficial biochemical reactions throughout your vascular system, body, and brain.


If your schedule is packed and additional training sessions seem impossible, KAATSU introduces the concept of "double stacking." Focus on your primary activity—whether it's stretching, doing homework, or attending team meetings—while KAATSU works in the background, providing a robust hormonal response and improved blood circulation. It's a game-changing approach that allows KAATSU to seamlessly integrate into your routine.

Experience the transformation that KAATSU can bring to your athletic performance. Let our innovative equipment serve as the catalyst for improved blood circulation and a robust hormonal response, unlocking your true potential. With KAATSU, your athletic dreams are well within your reach.