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What is KAATSU?

KAATSU is patented automated pressure equipment that includes a small, portable controller, and pneumatic, stretchable AirBands that are placed around your arms or legs in order to optimize blood circulation and hormonal production for health, fitness, rehabilitation, longevity, and recovery. The AirBands inflate and deflate based on patented algorithms that boost circulation, improve hormonal balance, and develop muscle tone in a time-effective manner with minimum effort.

What is the difference between KAATSU and BFR?

KAATSU is the original BFR (Blood Flow Restriction). The primary difference is that KAATSU does not use blood pressure cuffs or tourniquets that are designed to keep blood out of the limb. KAATSU's equipment is designed to modify the venous flow or the blood flow from your limbs back to your torso. Also, very importantly, KAATSU has a well-established proven safety record for over 20 years.

Why do KAATSU?

KAATSU presents a radically new paradigm in the exercise, rehabilitation, recovery, and longevity markets. KAATSU is safe, effective and efficient and can be done anywhere anytime. KAATSU enables us to exercise or rehabilitate at your office, in the comfort of your home, or while watching TV or reading a book. KAATSU has proven safe with over 20 million sessions in over 45 countries by people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Who uses KAATSU?

Olympic and Paralympic athletes around the world, professional athletes in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS and Major League Soccer, collegiate athletes in over 70 universities, military personnel and special operators in the U.S. Navy, Army and Air Force, firefighters, acrobats, business executives, professional motorcycle riders, disabled veterans, and aquatic athletes (surfers, paddleboarders, kayakers, swimmers and water polo players), and extreme athletes in mountaineering and channel swimming. But the largest market is aging Baby Boomers (i.e., people over the age of 55).

What is KAATSU used for?

KAATSU is used in three primary areas: 1) injured and rehabilitating, 2) healthful living and anti-aging, and 3) athletic and tactical performer.

What are the benefits of KAATSU?

You can tone or build your muscle, rehabilitate faster from injuries, and recover quickly from vigorous work and competition, and improve blood circulation - with the KAATSU equipment. The small, portable controller can be taken anywhere and be done anytime, dramatically increasing your time management and efficiency. After KAATSU is integrated into your lifestyle, you can restructure your daily life for the better. You can literally buy yourself more time and take efficiency to an entirely new realm.

What is SKU

SKU stands for Standard KAATSU Unit, a proprietary unit of measurement of the KAATSU AirBand's amount of compression on your limbs

What is KAATSU Cycle Mode?

KAATSU Cycle is the patented automated process of compression and decompression of KAATSU AirBands, inflated repeatedly in gradually increasing amounts. Each Cycle includes 8 steps. The pressure can be personalized between 20-60 seconds of inflation, followed by 5-20 seconds of deflation.

What is KAATSU Constant Mode?

The KAATSU Constant mode also known as Training mode is when the KAATSU AirBands maintain the same fixed pressure for up to 15 minutes.

What is a set?

A set is one complete KAATSU Cycle of 8 repeated steps of compression and decompression.

What is a step?

A step is a 30-second interval of inflation in the KAATSU Cycle mode. There are 8 steps in each set.

What is the difference between Fixed and Progressive pressures?

The Fixed mode allows you to do repeated Cycles at the same pressure. The Progressive Mode allows you to do multiple Cycles that increase in pressure. THIS ONLY APPLIES TO THE B1 DEVICE.

Where should your arm bands be placed?

KAATSU AirBands should be placed high on your upper arms, above your biceps and triceps, near your armpit, and below your deltoid muscles. There is no other place to safely place the KAATSU AirBands on your arms.

Where should your leg bands be placed?

KAATSU AirBands should be placed high on your upper legs, above your quadriceps and hamstrings, near your groin, positioned at a slight angle following your bikini/brief line. There is no other place to safely place the KAATSU AirBands on your legs.

How tightly should you place the AirBands on your arms and legs?

KAATSU AirBands should be placed snugly, but not too tightly on your arms or legs. One-finger tightness is generally best for most users. That is, you can place one finger between your arms or legs and the bands. The skin of your arms or legs should turn a slight pink or red color when the KAATSU AirBands are on. Immediately remove the KAATSU AirBands if your skin of your arms becomes white, gray or blue, or you become lightheaded, or your hands get clammy.

How long should you do KAATSU per day?

In order to maintain your wellness and fitness, you can do a single session of 10-15 minutes per day in order to see benefits and results. But you can do repeated (2-3) sessions of KAATSU Cycles per day as you wish and as time permits. This is especially useful when KAATSU is used for rehabilitation and as an augmentation to traditional physical therapy.

Can you use KAATSU simultaneously on your arms and legs

No. Do not simultaneously do KAATSU Cycle mode or KAATSU Constant mode on your arms and legs. This can be dangerous and introduces the risk of becoming lightheaded and fainting.

Can two people both use KAATSU if they have proper sized bands?

Yes, two people can share KAATSU equipment as long as they have proper sized bands but they can not be used simultaneously.

Can KAATSU be used in the water?

KAATSU AirBands are made from neoprene and are used by swimmers and water polo players in the pool, and by surfers, kayakers, SUP paddlers, and rowers in the open water. People doing aquarobics and aqua therapy can also be used in therapy pools.

How do I get officially KAATSU trained?

See www.kaatsu.com to purchase and enroll in the KAATSU Specialist Certification Program.

Is KAATSU reimbursable by medical insurance in the United States?

The most commonly used CPT® (Current Procedural Terminology) medical codes used by physicians, health professionals, nonphysician practitioners, hospitals, outpatient facilities, and laboratories to receive reimbursement for KAATSU since 2014 include the following:

97110 - therapeutic in 1 or more areas, 15 minutes each; exercises to develop strength and endurance and ROM

97530 - therapeutic activities , direct (1-to-1) patient contact (use of dynamic activities to improve functional performance) 15 minutes each

97016 - under supervised physical medicine and rehabilitation modalities if applies a vasopneumatic device for purpose of reducing edema, or swelling.

91760 - for reduction of edema

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