Just starting out on your KAATSU journey? Read below for a comprehensive introduction and step-by-step overview.


Select either the B2 or C4 that is appropriate for you, your family, your team, school, platoon, clinic, or company. Base your decision on who will use KAATSU, when, where, how frequently, and for what reasons.

The B2 is ideal for an individual, a family, or a small group of like-minded individuals with shared goals (e.g., athletic team or military platoon) that likes to share their usage data and utilize KAATSU with many different movements.

The C4 is ideal for an individual, a family, or a larger groups of like-minded individuals with shared goals that frequently shares the equipment in a home, apartment, school, outdoors, or in office or school settings.


The proper size band is essential to optimize KAATSU usage and outcomes.

Measure the circumference of your upper arm and upper leg in inches or centimeters. Select the band size according to the KAATSU band scale.

Your arm and leg band size can differ and is not related to your clothing sizes.

The principles, safety, and usage applications of how to use KAATSU with all models and bands are the same. Only the form factors and band sizes are different.


Are you using for athletic performance, rehabilitation from an injury or surgery, recovery from vigorous exercise or competition, or optimization of healthful longevity?

If for athletic performance, are you interested in improving your speed, stamina, strength, balance, or agility?

If for rehabilitation, did you injure a bone, muscle, connective tissue, or your brain?

If for recovery, do you want to recover from jet lag, travel fatigue, a hard work, or an athletic competition?

If for healthful longevity, how busy are you? How much time can you devote to improving your blood circulation and hormonal balance?


  • Always start in the Low Pressure setting.
  • Always be well hydrated before and during KAATSU.
  • Always start with your arms, and then move to your legs. Never simultaneously use both the arm and leg bands.
  • Use the specific single-limb KAATSU or the standard double-limb KAATSU.
  • Have fast Capillary Refill Time in your limbs—always under 3 seconds; ideally less than 1 second.
  • If you use the B2, share your usage data with your health care providers, coaches, teammates, family or friends.


✔ Always hydrate well before and during each KAATSU session.

✔ Always use the KAATSU Cycle mode first. Only use the KAATSU Constant mode for specific training or rehabilitation purposes.

✔ Only place the KAATSU AirBands on your upper arms and legs. Wear the KAATSU AirBands over clothing.

✔ Immediately stop and remove the KAATSU AirBands if you feel something is not right or you feel unusual discomfort, or feel lightheaded or clammy, or if you have an unusual pain on one side or the other.

✔ Use light weights - or even no resistance - or do bodyweight exercises with KAATSU. Never lift moderate or heavy weights or resistance with KAATSU AirBands on.


Do not simultaneously use the KAATSU AirBands on both your arms and legs.

Do not train in the KAATSU Constant mode (i.e., sustained pressure with the inflated bands) for more than 10 minutes on either your arms or your legs.

Do not do KAATSU if you are pregnant, under medical treatment, have cancer, hypertension, muscle ruptures, or any acute diseases without the prior approval of your physician and consultation with KAATSU.

Do not do KAATSU if you are undergoing cardiac rehabilitation or have a pacemaker. Do not do KAATSU if you have or had any of the following conditions: atrial fibrillation, acute myocardial infarction, unstable angina, or any serious case of cardiac insufficiency.

Do not use the KAATSU Constant mode if you are older than 60, de-conditioned due to a sedentary lifestyle or prolonged illness or injury, or significantly overweight

Do not continue if your skin turns white, blue, or gray color. This is an indication that your KAATSU AirBands are placed on too tightly or for too long or doing in inappropriate tightness if you are at high altitude. Immediately remove the KAATSU AirBands if your arms or legs appear to be more white, blue or gray than normal.