Pneumatic-controlled, washable, and flexible to ensure uniform pressure and safe usage for people of all ages and conditions.


KAATSU’s patented AirBands stand out from the crowd due to their innovative and unique design. The secret behind their effectiveness lies in their elasticity, stretchability, and the meticulous monitoring by KAATSU's proprietary algorithms. These attributes aren't just claims; they were put to the test and proven safe with over 7,000 cardiac rehab patients over a 10-year period at the prestigious University of Tokyo Hospital.

What distinguishes KAATSU AirBands from conventional blood pressure cuffs and tourniquets is their narrower width. This deliberate design choice prevents arterial flow blockage, ensuring freedom of movement for a wide variety of activities, from walking and running to swimming and various forms of therapy.

These bands house an air bladder that inflates uniformly towards the limb, regulated by the precise control of KAATSU's equipment and algorithms. Need to deflate the bands? It's as easy as pressing a button on the controller, depressing a valve on the connector, or releasing the Velcro on the bands.


ARMS: Measure the circumference of your upper arm above your biceps and triceps, almost to your armpit. Round up measurement to next whole number. 

LEGS: Sit on the edge of a chair and Measure the circumference of your upper leg as near to the top of the groin as possible. Round up measurement to next whole number. 


  • Small: less than 10.5 inches (26.5 cm) 
  • Medium: 11–13 inches (28–33 cm) 
  • Large: 12–16 inches (31–41 cm) 
  • Extra-Large: 16–21 inches (41–54 cm) 


  • Small: less than 16 inches (40 cm) 
  • Medium: 16–20 inches (40–51 cm) 
  • Large: 19–26 inches (49–66 cm) 
  • Extra Large: 26–32 inches (66–81 cm)


You must purchase or already own a KAATSU device in order to use the AirBands. They do not work without being connected to a device.

You must choose the band that fits the device you own. B1 AirBands are different from C-Series AirBands used for all other devices including the C4, C3, M3, Cycle 2.0, Nano, etc. 


C-series controller not included. AirBands are compatible with the C4, C3, Cycle 2.0, M3, and Nano controllers.

Arm Bands

Leg Bands


B1 controllers not included. AirBands are only compatible with the tubeless, B1 Bluetooth model.

Arm Bands

Leg Bands