Check out the feature list below to determine which KAATSU controller is right for you.

C Series B Series
Light, portable, and easy-to-use
Ruggedized and water-resistant
Cycle mode + Constant mode
Progressive mode including customizable pressures
Bluetooth-enabled for use without connector tubes, including customizable pressures
Android and iPhone App
Six preset pressures in Cycle mode
Up to 30 minutes of non-stop Cycle mode usage
Usage data by multiple users is displayed, captured, and archived
Large table screen, visibly shows usage data to users in real-time
Ability to save and share data with others
Up to 500 SKU pressure
Integration with Masimo MightySat® Finger Pulse Oximeter
Touch screen controls
Display usage and educational videos
Captures, archives, and shares personal usage data
Use anywhere & anytime
Waterproof neoprene KAATSU AirBands
Different configurations (arms only, legs only, arms + legs)
Simultaneously apply different pressures on different limbs
Automated shut-down feature based on pulse rate

B2 Upgrades

  • Longer battery life. Needs fewer charges. B1 has 600MAh. B2 has 1200mAh.
  • New compressor. Enables faster inflation time by 40% and increases battery life.
  • Improved solenoid leads to longer product life.
  • Improved band quality.
  • New Reverse Recovery Cycle mode. Additional function that compliments the Progressive Cycle Mode.
  • Improved app accuracy leads to increased accuracy of individual usage data.
  • New dock/cradle for controller allows for more vigorous movements and intense exercise to be performed.
  • Uses Bluetooth 5.0.

C4 Upgrades

  • New compressor enables 40% faster inflation time, 20% longer battery life, and longer product life
  • Faster charging time—50% shorter than the C3.
  • New solenoid leads to a longer product life.
  • Improved band connectors.
  • Reverse Recovery Cycle mode, an additional function that compliments the Progressive Cycle Mode.
  • Improved connector tubes with reduced possibility of leaks, no kinking, and no shearing problem.
  • New gray connectors made of unbreakable soft plastic.
  • Includes 4 connector tubes (compared to only 2 tubes in earlier models) for ease of use, especially for those with arthritic pain, weak hand grip, or poor finger coordination.
  • Larger (2.5 inch) color LCD with touch screen is easier to read and operate.
  • Sounds and beeps can be turned off, if desired.