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KAATSU - The Pressure Training from Japan Book


A comprehensive, authoritative book on the science, principles, methodologies, and physiological mechanisms of KAATSU for sports, rehabilitation, and wellness by German sports scientist Robert Heiduk.

KAATSU - The Pressure Training from Japan Book

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New perspectives in sport, therapy and health promotion.

His intuition for innovative developments brought early adopter Robert Heiduk with a small international group of like-minded people directly to Japan to the inventor of Japanese pressure training. On the basis of this encounter and extensive research, the sports scientist created this comprehensive standard work, which is aimed at coaches, athletes, physiotherapists, doctors, scientists, and students who would like to gain a deeper insight into the methodology of the original protocols of the KAATSU inventor Yoshiaki Sato. The original core concepts behind KAATSU were not yet available in this form and have been further developed in theory and practice by Robert Heiduk in a new structured approach. The book arouses curiosity about Japanese pressure training and its new possibilities in sport and therapy, but also especially for older people and in corporate health management. This is the English version of the book. 

The Author

Robert Heiduk is a German sports scientist and product scout for cutting-edge sports technology. For more than a decade he has been active in the education of coaches and in health consulting for companies like Google or PPG Industries. He has experience as an international lecturer and book author. Robert Heiduk's motto: "Whoever wants to go to the source must swim against the current."