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KAATSU is the Original BFR, the fastest emerging physical therapy and performance modality in the United States. KAATSU is explained and described in monthly KAATSU Magazines, KAATSU podcasts, KAATSU blog posts, and KAATSU newspaper and magazine articles. The media focuses on the KAATSU equipment, applications, software, apps and protocols in the BFR market. KAATSU is much more than occlusion training and is a leading edge concept that enables faster recovery, improved rehabilitation, and better performance.

KAATSU is known as BFR Training or Blood Flow Restriction Training or Occlusion Training. The KAATSU Air Bands are known as BFR Bands or Blood Flow Restriction Bands, but the KAATSU Air Bands are engineered to measure pressure much more precisely than other products in order to optimize muscle hypertrophy and rehabilitation of muscle, bone, tendon, and ligament injuries. KAATSU Global offers an online KAATSU Education Program and a KAATSUfit mobile app for its proprietary BFR Training Program. The program and app offer hundreds of different types of BFR Workouts that can be used for muscle hypertrophy, muscle toning, bone and connective tissue rehabilitation, and muscle recovery.

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