Fight Age-Related Muscle Loss with KAATSU

Blood Flow Restriction Air Bands and Training for Women Over 50

Unlock strength in your golden years.

As we age, our muscles naturally begin to weaken. This condition is known as Sarcopenia, and women over 50 are most susceptible to this all-too-common ailment. Many have accepted muscle loss as an inevitable part of aging, especially as we lose mobility, energy, and strength. But KAATSU BFR can reverse the loss of muscle mass and has been shown to be effective in preventing Sarcopenia.

What is KAATSU, and how can it mitigate muscle loss?

KAATSU offers easy-to-use AirBands that you can comfortably wrap around your arms or legs. These unique bands gently adjust how blood flows in your limbs, thanks to an intelligent controller that knows precisely when and how to do it. This process, called blood flow restriction (BFR) training, naturally helps your muscles to stay strong or even get stronger without much effort. Plus, you can use KAATSU while sitting or doing gentle exercises, making it perfect for anyone who can't move around much or has ongoing pain.

Scientifically supported, community supported.

BFR is well documented in numerous scientific journals and has been proven to build muscle rapidly even without resistance training. KAATSU BFR is safe and effective for members of all age groups and can be set up within 5 minutes. And if you have questions, you won’t be alone on your KAATSU journey. All KAATSU users have instant access to a variety of KAATSU resources to guide you through your BFR experience and help you customize a BFR training regimen tailored to your needs.

KAATSU is already changing lives.

“KAATSU has been—and is—the answer for me to build and maintain muscle, continually improve my balance, and increase blood flow. At age 70 plus, this is an amazing accomplishment.”

– Katherine C.

“KAATSU has brought healing to my body, increased mobility in my spine, as well as mood modulation and increased energy levels.  It is an amazing piece of technology that continues to be a blessing in my life.”

– Doreen D.

”I’ve been doing blood flow restriction (BFR) training for about two years and I’ve tried a number of different cuffs, but I’ve centered on the KAATSU as my go-to cuff ... One feature that I have found particularly useful with my KAATSU cuff is its passive cycle mode which inflates and deflates the cuff automatically ... it’s especially valuable if you have an injury that would lead you to want to put less load on a joint or muscle while also getting quicker recovery benefits.“

– Dr. Peter Attia, Stanford/Johns Hopkins/NIH-trained physician focusing on the applied science of longevity and New York Times bestselling author of Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity

Don't accept muscle loss as a part of aging.

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