Professional and clinical with a touchscreen tablet that shows real-time usage data.


The KAATSU M3 is a fifth-generation product that is ideal for corporations, organizations, clinics, hospitals, teams, military bases, and large groups. In addition to its patented and customizable Cycle and Constant Modes, the M3 integraties with the Masimo MightySat® Finger Pulse Oximeter.

This equipment can be customized for every individual, and can be utilized safely for recovery, rehabilitation, and performance purposes for people of all ages, conditions, and walks of life. The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled unit is touch-screen controlled.

U.S. Federal Government Procurement Codes:
DUNS Nbr: 080153813
CAGE Code: 7K8X4


  • Six preset and fully customizable pressures up to 500 SKU in the KAATSU Cycle and Constant Modes.
  • Large tablet screen enables real-time viewing and monitoring of physiological data, including archiving on the KAATSU Performance database.
  • Medically prescribed use is reimbursable with different CPT codes.
  • Usage data by multiple users, separated by multiple KAATSU Specialists, is shown, captured, and archived.
  • Includes 4 sets of elastic, stretchable, pneumatic, washable, patented AirBands (a total of 8 arm bands + 8 leg bands, sizes S-XL) that can be "untethered" from the controller.
  • Also includes 5 KAATSU Specialist Certifications.
  • Offers precise, simultaneous, and separate control of pressure on each limb.
  • Touch screen controls that can access the Internet and show educational videos on the tablet.


  • Physicians from orthopedic surgeons to podiatrists.
  • Physical and occupational therapists.
  • Chiropractors.
  • University athletic departments.
  • Researchers and scientists.
  • Military bases.
  • Individuals who combine the M3 use at home/office with the B1 or C3 models while traveling.


  • Increases vascular elasticity and naturally produces a robust hormonal response.
  • Improves circulation and muscle tone while eliminating or minimizing muscle atrophy during rehabilitation.
  • Convenient accessibility of usage data and real-time physiological data (e.g., pulse rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, perfusion index).
  • Unlike other BFR equipment, KAATSU does not occlude arterial blood flow, significantly increasing its safety profile.

For further information or to purchase, please contact KAATSU.