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Helping the disabled to recover and perform at their best

Jamal Hill and Robert Griswold

Enable Efficient Recovery from Competition.

The most precise and safest automated BFR system for use anywhere anytime.

KAATSU is the pioneer in the BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) market with the longest track record of safety, research, and success. Its pressure system is versatile and is used for recovery, rehabilitation and training.

KAATSU Global established the BFR market and remains its leader. Its equipment is used globally for recovery, rehabilitation and training​ applications among people from all walks of life with a wide variety of abilities and disabilities.

The new KAATSU C3 model is easy and convenient to use at home, in the office, and during travel. The KAATSU C3 is a ruggedized, compact, handheld device that improves blood circulation and produces significant hormonal responses to help the body heal and become more resilient.

Used by Olympic and Paralympic athletes, pro sports teams, elite military personnel, disabled individuals, and working parents, KAATSU is the most convenient, time-efficient, effective BFR system in the world. It can be used anywhere anytime by anyone.

Robert Griswold

Robert Griswold World Para Swimming Champion and World Record Holder

"I use KAATSU everyone, both at my home or before and after training and competition. The recovery benefits of my KAATSU equipment are exactly what I need. My post-race recovery protocol is enhanced by the KAATSU C3."

Robert Griswold, who has cerebral palsy, is one of the leading male Paralympic swimmers in the world. He competes in the S8/SB7/SM8 Paralympic classes. The four-time medalist at the most recent (2019) World Para Swimming Championships (2 gold and 2 silver) also won a bronze medal at the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games. He is favored to capture podium positions in a number of events at the Tokyo Paralympics in backstroke, freestyle, individual medley, and the relays.

Robert has been an influential voice and a strong advocate of adaptive swimming since his teenage years. Personable, intelligent, eloquent, and dedicated to his Olympic preparation while concurrently working in a law office, Robert has one of the highest documented thresholds of pain by any athlete in any sport. His highest measurement of post-race lactate levels is 21 mmol/L and he has regularly been measured above 20 mmol/L. That level is so far above the normal lactate levels of even the most decorated Olympians that his tolerance to pain is almost inhuman. But, through trial and effort, Robert has perfected the use of KAATSU to aid in his efficient post-race recovery from these superhuman levels of pain. His ability to recover quickly enables Robert to be a multi-event medal favorite. Without KAATSU, at those lactate levels, Robert would have to curtail his event schedule.

Robert understands his physical limitations, but he also understands his true potential, both on dryland and in the pool. A role model for many in the athletic realm and an impressive young man by anyone’s standards, Robert understands the expectations placed under his broad shoulders. He continues his daily use of the KAATSU Cycle and KAATSU Aqua modes, and looks forward to representing the United States in Tokyo in what may be his final international competition.

His mission is to share his appreciation of KAATSU with other disabled athletes while helping them improve their athletic performance and quality of life.

Jamal Hill

Jamal Hill Para Swimming Champion, Aquapreneur and Advocate

"From paralysis to Para Swimming, my athletic career has taken all kinds of unexpected turns. One of the unexpected opportunities that I have experienced is dealing with the KAATSU team. They have been very supportive and helped me understand and utilize the benefits of KAATSU."

In his childhood, Jamal came close to having his right arm amputated when he was diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth, a hereditary neurological conditions that can result in progressive loss of muscle tissue and touch sensation. But Jamal gradually regained his mobility and, quite miraculously, has maintained his strength as he has established himself as the fastest American Para sprinter.

But Jamal has much bigger goals than merely focusing on his own athletic achievements, remarkable as they are. He wants others to learn to share his love and abilities in the water. He established Swim Up Hill, a non-profit charitable organization with ambitious goals: to teach over 1 million people how to swim – and he does so through radically simple means with everyday products that people have around their homes. A personable extravert with charisma that fills boardrooms and aquatic centers, Jamal has certainly encountered limitations and obstacles that could easily confound him. But he has found a way to achieve his goals, and makes people around him smile along the way. Simply put, goal-setting and realizing dreams are a way of life for Jamal. His enthusiasm is infectious and inspirational.

Including how he warms up for elite international competitions.

While most swimmers have to warm-up in the pool, Jamal’s Charcot-Marie-Tooth symptoms prevent him from doing so. He can’t warm-up or he would never get to the finish, let alone the starting blocks. So he found a way with KAATSU, using the KAATSU Cycle modality as an effective tool on the pool deck to get him prepared for racing fast. KAATSU has opened a door for Jamal – and he has burst through with world-class speed.

His mission is to share his relentlessly positive outlook on life and enable others to pursuit their own paths to success. He lives out his dreams, combined with hard work and innovative, inspiring others to created their own achievements and improbable success in any field or sport.