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Enable Efficient Recovery from Competition

Michael Andrew

The most effective, time-efficient, convenient BFR system that can be used anywhere anytime.

KAATSU is the pioneer in the BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) market with the longest track record of safety, research, and success. Its pressure system is versatile and is used for recovery, rehabilitation and training.

KAATSU Global established the BFR market and remains its leader. Its equipment is used globally for recovery, rehabilitation and training applications among people from all walks of life with a wide variety of abilities and disabilities.

The new KAATSU C3 model is easy and convenient to use at home, in the office, and during travel. The KAATSU C3 is a ruggedized, compact, handheld device that improves blood circulation and produces significant hormonal responses to help the body heal and become more resilient.

Used by Olympic and Paralympic athletes, pro sports teams, elite military personnel, disabled individuals, and working parents, KAATSU is the most convenient, time-efficient, effective BFR system in the world. It can be used anywhere anytime.

Michael Andrew

Michael Andrew World Swimming Champion and Professional Athlete

"I regularly use KAATSU at my home or hotel before heading out for a workout or competition. I use my KAATSU equipment to help me get ready for the day and for a race. The versatility of the KAATSU Air Bands to help me achieve my goals is amazing."

Michael Andrew is one of the most popular aquatic athletes on the planet. The 21-year-old is a swimming phenom who became one of the youngest professional athletes in American history, at the age of 14. Skipping high school and collegiate swimming despite setting over 100 national records in his early career, he started his unconventional career with his close-knit family traveling together from coast-to-coast. Coached by his deep-thinking and analytical father Peter, Michael and Peter have always sought, rigorously tested, and utilized cutting-edge technologies and training modalities from PowerDot to KAATSU. Michael started using KAATSU on dryland and KAATSU Aqua in the water years ago, starting with the first-generation models.

Michael has continued to refine his daily use of the KAATSU Cycle and KAATSU Constant modes, both at home and during his busy international schedule as the co-owner of the New York Breakers of the International Swim League. He starts off his day with KAATSU Cycles as an early morning physiological warm-up. He will use KAATSU Aqua in the pool for strength and speed, and together with his swim gear. Most effectively, he continues to utilize the KAATSU Cycles after hard workouts and after races as an efficient recovery tool.

His mission is to share his appreciation of KAATSU to age group swimmers and fellow world-class athletes – as well as their parents and grandparents – in the course of their daily lives.

Laura Wilkinson

Laura Wilkinson Olympic platform diving gold medalist and 3-time Olympian

"I am greatly indebted for this wholly unexpected and nearly miraculous repair of my tricep that has severely impacted my ability to dive at my full potential. KAATSU has been a game changer in coming back after a 9-year retirement."

Laura’s life story of comebacks is almost too good and too inspirational to be true. A 43-year-old mother of four, the Texas native looks to make her fourth Olympic team despite rehabilitating from major surgery to repair damage to discs in her back and a collapsed tricep that is critical to ripping dives to compete against Olympic divers.

But Laura has always achieved beyond what was thought possible. Called a “waste of space” by her high school coach, she ultimately became the first woman to win the three major diving world titles. Fearless and acrobatically creative from the 10-meter platform, she nails flips and spins to hit the water at 17 mph. All those impacts over her long career have resulted in injuries to her spine, neck, legs and arms.

But KAATSU can given Laura a completely new lease on her Olympic career. Despite being nine years out of competition, she has returned to the highest echelon of her sport with the help of KAATSU. She uses the KAATSU Cycle and KAATSU Constant modes daily at home while relaxing and taking care of her children and also on the pool deck while preparing for her dives.

Her mission is to share her relentlessly positive outlook on life and enable others to pursue their own paths to success. She teaches that dreams, combined with hard work and passion, can turn into achievements and improbable success in any field or sport.