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Do's and Don'ts


Do's and Don'ts of KAATSU

There are many Do’s and Don’ts for KAATSU – all of them are required to safely and optimally use KAATSU equipment.

KAATSU is not occlusion training. KAATSU is not tourniquet training. KAATSU is not a type of BFR that you see often marketed on YouTube or promoted online. KAATSU is a modality developed over the last 50 years from Japan that has been tested on thousands of cardiac rehab patients before launching outside of Japan and is currently used safely by people of all ages and abilities in 49 countries around the world – who follow the recommendations below:



Key Points When Doing KAATSU

KAATSU Cycle Mode versus KAATSU Constant Mode

Conservatively Start KAATSU

Seek Medical Advice Before Starting KAATSU