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What is KAATSU OnDemand

KAATSU OnDemand enables you to request individual or group sessions at your home or office or a location of your choosing (park, pool, field) by a certified KAATSU Specialist.

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are 30-minute one-on-one KAATSU sessions that can be extended to up to 2 hours. These one-on-one sessions focus on your specific needs covering athletic performance, wellness, rehabilitation or recovery. Others such as a spouse, friend or coach can observe or participate in these sessions as you wish.

Group Sessions

Group sessions are multiple-person sessions for companies, teams, organizations, clubs, groups or families. Each KAATSU user in these group sessions are charged as a single individual user.


Anywhere at your office, home or favorite training locations (inside or outside setting) on Oahu and Southern California. More locations across the United States will be added soon.


Check the schedule for KAATSU Certified Specialist availability.


Introductory and follow-up individual or group sessions are requested here. Questions can be emailed to info@kaatsu.com.

Segment Time Suggestions

  • For 1-2 people, we recommend half an hour minimum.
  • For 3-6 people, we recommend an hour minimum.
  • For 7-14 people, we recommend 1.5 hours.

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